Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Get Up, Get Out, Get Away From These Liars

Song: Open Your Eyes
Artist: Snow Patrol

This post is something new for me. A poem. Since I was selected as English Sterling Scholar, I figure its time to write more. So here you go, big bad blogosphere. Tell me what you think ;)


First it’s the swing from the tree in your yard
After the lemonade stand where no one pays with a card
When the sun is high and your spirits even higher
And even if you did eat the cookie, your brother’s still a liar

Then comes the sunday night swing with your pals
You act like you’re old, but it’s still you and the gals
The worries will fade as soon as you choose
As long as the wood chips don’t get in your shoes

Now it’s the swings at the park with a guy
The only light coming from the starry black sky
He speaks of the future, the present, and past
But all you know is you hope this feeling will last

So while the trees may be trimmed and your friends may move on
Your brain seems to tell you these memories are sure to last long
Though it’s bitter that you must sit in stationary chairs today
It’s still sweet to remember when you could swing life away

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