Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Think I Like Today. I Think It's Good. It's Something I Can't Get My Head Around.

Let it be known:
I, Merissa Linn Homer, have finished for the first time the Book of Mormon on September 1, 2010. And it feels great :) I started in January, kicked it into high gear in July and now it's done. I just wish that there wasn't school tomorrow so I could start again right now and just read and read and read. For those of you have been concerned about my vital status because of my lack of Facebooking, you will be glad to know that my self-grounding is officially over. The post title is from the song "Good Day" by Angels & Airwaves. Today truly was a good day :)

Oh, and the book is true. All of it. The whole thing. 100%.

"For with God, nothing shall be impossible."

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  1. aaahhh you finished it! good job chica! ha o ya i see where you says it's true, it looks like an after thought :) no wonder i missed it! good work