Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Bing Crosby style, if you please.

 Today Logan is supposed to be hit by a giant blizzard at about 3:00. We even had a pre-planned half day of school because it is expected to make driving nearly impossible. Well, in case we are snowed in for the rest our lives, I thought i'd make one last post. PS it's kinda creepy outside right now, DEFINITE calm before the storm kinda thing.

Fun things that have happened lately:

  • Went to the high school's production of White Christmas. T'was quite good :)
  • Saw Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows! Can't wait for the second part.
  • Rented and watched the Bing Crosby version of White Christmas, incidentally i've fallen in love with his voice and can't stop listening to Christmas music. I know its before Thanksgiving, sue me :)
  • Went with the whole family to the Heber Creeper train ride for a trip to the "North Pole". Think Polar Express, but without copyright issues.
  • Got accepted to the University of Iowa, the Honors program, and the School of Nursing. And offered a $17000 scholarship over 4 years.

I've had a really great attitude today. I don't know why exactly, but i've just been in a good mood. I think it's partially because I know Christmas is coming soon, and that means my next trip to Tijuana is coming soon. I am dying to go back! I'm having a hard time waiting. I started counting down in October. 

On the off-chance that we DON'T all freeze to death today, I wish everyone a Happy Anorexia Prevention Day!!!

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