Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Another Reason Not To Fear The Sky

Its days like yesterday that remind me why i've decided not to play basketball this year.

  • I was up til midnight studying for the PFP 1050 quiz and FCHD 1500 test the night before. 
  • Woke up late and rushed out the door to pick up the girls I give rides to.
  • Trudged through AP Stats & took a reading quiz in AP English Lit
  • Took the PFP 1050 quiz
  • Took the FCHD 1500 quiz
  • Left FCHD early to take pictures for Senior Superlatives and place an order for graduation announcements
  • Was late to Medical Anatomy because I only had 7 minutes to eat lunch once the pictures for Superlatives were done.
  • Pulled my hair out in Medical Anatomy while we tried to use microscopes to identify and draw epithelial and cartilage cells.
  • Went to the Multi-Cultural Club meeting after school.
  • Went home for about 40 minutes and read part of the assignment for AP English
  • Went to get picture taken at City Hall with the Mayor and get sworn in for LYCC
  • Went home and read a little more for about 20 minutes
  • Went to Young Women's to practice for YW in Excellence, stayed after for 20 minutes practicing the song with the piano for the first time, stayed after waiting for soup to warm up that never actually warmed up
  • Got home around 9:00, had family prayers & personal scripture study
  • Finally finished the reading, did the review worksheet for an AP Stats test coming up this week, started the make-up work for seminary since I will be at Distinguished Scholars Day on Friday
  • Last but not least, finished 3 essays for Sterling Scholar that were due this morning at 12:49 AM
To top it all off, we had a Sterling Scholar meeting before school today. Quitting basketball was probably the hardest decision i've ever had to make. But if I had to try and fit it in somewhere, I think my mind and planner would explode. I'm extremely grateful for the talk that Bro Uchtdorf gave in General Conference this year because that was what made me make the decision. Here is a link for the talk. If you haven't read/seen it, i'd strongly recommend it. It was in the Saturday Morning session, entitled Of The Things That Matter Most.,5239,23-1-1298,00.html

"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides."

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  1. You're one bright cookie, Missy. I hate making those decisions but they must be made sometimes. It is always amazing what you can fit into a single day when you need to, isn't it?
    Love you girl!!