Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Amount Of You That I Reflect

The title is from Relient K's song "Forget & Not Slow Down". The previous line is... I'll watch the glint in my eye shine off the spring in my step, And it could be blinding depending on the amount of you that I reflect.

Call me crazy, but I like to think of this line as if i'm talking to Christ. I talked to Laycee about it this week while we were at EFY. We talked a lot about the light in your eyes. And I definitely believe that Christ is the source of that 'glint in my eye' and the 'spring in my step'. I don't think i'm too far off base seeing as how Relient K is a Christian group. But even if that's not what was meant by it, I don't think it hurts anyone for me to think of it that way :)

I could talk about EFY for a month and not have done everything justice. There were so many little testimony building moments. I loved the theme this year, Courage To Stand Strong. It comes from Joshua 1:9. One of my favorite moments was when singing the theme song so I guess i'll write about that one.

So we sang the theme song before most of the morningside devotionals. While singing on the last day, Lyska (a girl in my company) turned to me and said that she felt like we should be standing to sing it. And I got a little smile and told her i'd stand if she would. So we did. And a good 3 or 4 lines went by with us 2 being the only ones standing in a huge room filled with people. But then the people in our row stood up. And then the rest of our company. And then the people behind us. Then the whole back of the room. Then on the line of the song where it says "It takes courage to lead, and sometimes it takes faith to follow", the rest of the room stood up. And if that wasn't one of the most amazing feelings ever, I don't know what is. It was just beautiful to see the principle in action. I'll tell ya, it's hard to stand with one other person for a whole verse in a room full of peers. But when the whole room stood's hard to describe. It felt like a little bit of heaven.

There were a trillion things I could write about. But I am superbly tired and haven't slept in my bed in way too long. So, if you want to hear more of these experiences, feel free to ask.

"Mistakes of the past don't define you, they refine you."


  1. hey missy
    i'm glad you got to go to efy!! yesterday the youth in our ward here in GA all talked about youth conference. they all loved it especially since there is not an efy close by. see ya later!

  2. we are DEF talking about this when Im back in Logan.

    I absolutely love the standing up story. Thats my girl. You are so freaking fantastic. what an awesome moment.

    it takes courage to wait when the battle is long...